Signature on packing list copies

We have to change the signature on our packing list copies that print out. Can you tell me where I should go to do this?

they are in the individual user profiles (ie…/user/3/edit)

I dont know what you mean by that? If i go go users, it that is only an option to edit user information.

I am looking to change ALL packing list signatures. Our packing list shows the CEO signature, we need to change the signature for ALL packing lists that print.

to clarify, at the bottom of the edit user info page, there is a “signature file” section that allows you to upload a image file that you can use for document signatures…

Thank you, i see that but how do I know it will appear on the packing list if I am editing my user name? I go to Admin- Users-User List - then in to my own name? I dont know if that makes sense. Why would i put the CEO under my user name for a signature?

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