SN Breaking Right border

Chrome Version 110.0.5481.180 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Serial numbers in the Pick Parts screen under a Work Order are now escaping the right border of the window horizontally rather than being displayed vertically? There are more SNs off to the right of this pic, and while I can scroll that way it seems silly.

Hey Josh,

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I apologize for the inconvenience here, and I’ll get started looking into this to see what might be going on with that process. You’re running Cetec in Chrome which is recommended (Cetec runs best on that specific browser) but that’s definitely odd the serial numbers on the pick parts screen is displaying beyond the right border of the window. I’ve got a few requests listed out below:

  • Could you provide the url link to this specific order where this is occurring so I can get some eyes on what’s going on?
  • Are you noticing this on all of your pick parts screen or is it isolated to pick parts screens that have multiple SN’s associated to those parts?
  • When did you first notice this happening within your environment?

As stated above if you could get me the url link to that specific order that’d be extremely helpful! Once I get that I can start testing this and reach out to our engineering team with the information I have.

Cetec ERP Support

Hey Josh,

I’ve sent this issue over to our engineering team to start working on getting a fix built out for you. I’ll reach out again via this forum post once they’ve corrected that, testing has been done to validate the changes, and get an update to you on when you should expect that fix to merge.

Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing with you having to scroll so far to the right, but hang in there w’ll get that taken care of for you!

Cetec ERP Support


I’ve got an update from our engineering team regarding this issue you’re seeing with SNs on your pick parts screen. A fix has been built out for this and should be deployed when the next hotfix goes out.

Thank you!
Cetec ERP Support

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