specific header columns don't show for User - Sales Orders

For some reason, user #53 (jt), is not able to view Sales Order column headers listed below, even after i set them up as an admin. Sales Order Report (…/order/list?)

  1. Orig. Ship Date
  2. Work Start Date
  3. Ship Date
  4. Dock Date

Are the columns shown/hidden based on user privileges? if so, which “role” needs to be selected so that he can view these columns.

see User (53) profile (as admin):

user (2) profile, also an admin:

@regisphilbin ,

Likely user #53 has the view by filter set to ‘Header’ while the other users that have visibility are viewing by Line. Column visibility adjusts as the orig ship, work start, and ship dates are displayed on the line level. Can you confirm this fixes the issue?

Thank you,
Cetec ERP Support

That was the issue. When selecting “Header” level report, he was unable to see those columns. When you selected “Line” level report, those columns appeared. Thanks!