Split a purchased part into two internal parts?

Is there a way to split an externally purchased part into two internal parts?
I purchase a part - it is a connector + mounting nuts. The mounting nuts sometimes get lost. In order to get more nuts we have to purchase the entire assembly. But there are times we need just the connector and not the nuts. It would be helpful to internally have these be two separate parts.

Second Example:
We purchase a USB hub that comes with a USB cable, but we dont use the USB cable on the assembly the hub goes with. We could potentially use the USB cable in a different assembly.



So there is no way to split a part into two, but you could add another part into the system and not associate a cost with it, I would also recommend putting a sticky note on the main part so that when you receive more, etc someone can inventory adjust the nuts as well.


Cetec ERP Support

You could also use the parts cross function to ‘link’ the parts together and have easy access to the second part from the main parts screen. You could add in a cross-part type such as extra parts, bonus parts, or whatever would make the most sense to refer to those as.

We create part numbers for both pieces, then write the PO for both part numbers. It is then pretty straight forward to receive them. You can allocate cost as needed.

Thx for advice. Ill check in with my purchasing and see if that makes sense to him.

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