Split lines on Production Build to Stock Order

we have an order with 79 serialized parts. (…otd/order/2082/split). We want to split 5 serialized parts out to complete them independently of the remaining 74. Right now, we’d have to de-kit everything, then reserialize line item with 74 parts, and the second line with the 5 parts.

Is there a way to just select the 5 serialized parts you want to split out without having to type in all the serial numbers? If not, I’d like to make this a feature request !!!

Hi @regisphilbin!
We’ll log this as a feature request.
One of the problems that needs to be solved on this is:
If you have a build-with-to / phantom build order with sub-assemblies with serialized components, we don’t have a valid way to track what serialized components get associated with which serialized top-level-assembly.
Thus, until now, we have required the user to manually tell Cetec which bins/lot codes/ serials/ of components were used for which TLA’s by dekitting & repicking them.
We may consider implementing a guided method of doing this similar to how the Change Rev feature works for replacing alternate subcomponents between updated revisions.

Thanks for the feature request!
I’ve put this on Engineering’s “To Review” list.

Has there been any progress with engineering on this?

Not that I have heard of.