Start/Stop Work

Our employees record, start/stop whilst producing. We do not have a computer per person, so they have to line up to punch out of orders for their lunch breaks. We essentially are losing 10 minutes of production time a day because of lines for lunch punch out/in.
I noticed that there is a “Stop All Labor” option but this will not work as we have departments stagger lunch. If “Stop All Labor” could stop by department or Product Line, we could have the supervisors stop work for their lunches.
Is there a setting that could automatically punch in/out for a lunch or automatically deduct 30 mins from a job?

Hi @KVinnedge,

That’s a good suggestion, unfortunately we don’t have anything right now that would quite function that way.

One thing we do have that might help save some time here is “Kiosk Mode” Cetec ERP 4.0 Feature Highlight: Kiosk Mode

In the meantime we’ll take your suggestion to our development team, and if there is any actionable follow up on it we’ll let you know here.

Thank you,

I will review with my Ops Manager.