Starting/Stopping Work

After the 3.8 update, starting or stopping work takes between 1 and 2 minutes. We can’t have our people standing around for that long waiting for the page to load. Can you take a look and let us know when you have fixed this.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We’ll take a look at what’s going on there.

Hi Andy,

I’m not getting that same behavior, are you still seeing that same slow down?


It seems to be only on certain products or users…

It looks like the users that are having the problem are double clicking possibly? I see there are two requests sent at the same time.

I see that action too. However, I also see that even if some users are double clicking, the times are still all over the place. A user can double click and both clicks register as 20 seconds, and another user can double click and it registers as 145 seconds. Is there possibly a speed correlation between logging work and the size of the order? Or logging work and how many components are in the BOM?

So I just tested it on my computer and starting work was quick about 2 seconds. Stopping work took about 2 minutes. This was the part I tested on …


We did find a slow down for work orders with a large number of lines that also had large location maps. We will hopefully have a performance improvement for this by end of day today. I’ll keep you updated as changes progress.

Hi Andy,

When you have a chance can you try that again? We’ve pushed the latest version of the application to your environment.

Thank you!

Yes it is much quicker now. Usually within 5-10 seconds. Thanks

After the 4.0 update, we are seeing this behavior again. Again it only appears to be certain users.

Any word on fixing this?