still issues with part request.

In order to complete a part request with the new updates the following steps have to be done in order for the request to close and pick properly.

Request Approved…update
Pending pick….update
Picking complete…update
Pick complete and close request…update

If there is an easier way without so many steps…that would be wonderful. This is very time consuming and with a bunch of unnecessary steps.

Hi, Joe,

I took a look at this and did some testing on it.

Request Approved: There is a config setting that can be set so that all part requests, or any part request above a certain dollar figure, is auto-approved. Users with the Admin role can go to Admin > Config Settings > Config Settings and search for the setting called “Part Request - Require Approval If Value Is Greater Than”.

For the other steps you mentioned, from the testing I did, it looks like you don’t technically have to update the stage of the part request every time. If you prefer, you can just wait until the picking is complete, choose “Pick complete and close request” and click Update, and the part request will close.

In other words, it looks like you can skip updating the part request at each stage if that works better for your time table.

Let us know if you run into any issues here.

I hope that gets you closer to what you’re looking for,
Cetec ERP Support

i just set the auto approve value at $0.00001. We have a person with admin rights do the parts request and we are still having to do all four steps previosuly listed. That is the only we we can get them approved and picked correctly. I think there is a nother issue preventing us for doing this. We have never had a problem with this in the past 5 years. Something recently has changed.