Stock without PO not display in Parts view


A number of parts received without PO disappeared from the Parts view recently (could be after the v4.0.1 update), however, they appear in Inventory Activity report

Hi @ace_support

We’d be happy to look in to that for you. Can you give us any examples of the part numbers that this happened with?

Please take a look at MCHM-0326-01.
Inventory Activity report shows 49 in bin New, but this bin is not listed in part record.

@ace_support hmm, that is really strange.
Let us Investigate this a little deeper for you, and we’ll see what we can figure out.
We’ll get back to you about it as soon as we can.

@ace_support A few question to help us isolate what exactly happened here:

  • Inventory activity shows that part was merged with another part on 10/6. Do you know if the qty that had been received was on the old/merged part prior to the merge, or if it was on the new part?
  • There was also an order placed that needed that part around that time. Do you know if the part had already been marked as picked to that order prior to the merging?
  • Do you happen to know whether or not the old part that was merged was made as a BOM or not?

Currently our suspicion is that something with the merged caused this, we just need as much detail about the circumstances surrounding that as possible to try determine exactly where the problem lies.



@ace_support Some additional follow up here:

Our engineering team was able to fix that specific part (definitely had to do with the merge).

We still want to confirm the details from the previous questions so we can ensure that our merge tool is working properly moving forward.

Additionally, can you provide us a list of any other parts that this same thing seems to have happened to?

  1. Qty received was on the old/merged part prior to merge.
  2. Part was picked after merging.
  3. Old part was not a BOM but was part of a BOM

@ace_support Thanks for answering those questions.

Are you able to provide us with a list of other parts that this same thing seems to have happened to (specifically ones that were merged and seemed to have disappeared from inventory)? Feel free to send it in a direct message if you’d prefer.

Here’s another part to look at: MCHM-0475-01

Another issue, the QOH for M-326-01 now shows zero even though the Bin shows 49.

That was just because the QOH shown there is a cached value, and the system hadn’t had a chance to update it yet. We’ve run that update, and you should see the correct numbers there now.

Thanks, we’ll see if we can get this one corrected for you as well, and let you know when it’s done.


That most recent part of MCHM-0475-01 and a few others we noticed have been corrected at the same time.

Apologies for the inconvenience