Streamline Part Requests

Hello Cetec

Wondering if the engineering team would be open to the following suggestion

We are looking to streamline our scrap reporting/inventory adjustment/ part accountability by using the part request feature.

Current practice is to de-kit the parts, adjust inventory manually, and provide the part list to our warehouse staff so they can replenish the production line.

We see that if the part request is made from the work order, the parts will be issued to that work order regardless of the request reason. Any inventory adjustments will have to be made manually, independent of the part request.

If the part request is not associated with a work order, inventory adjustments are made upon execution of the part request (our admin settings are set up this way). The problem here is that we sometimes deal with more than one lot/bin and traceability is lost. We’d still have to de-kit the specific lot code being scrapped from the work order and issue the new lot code from inventory manually.

The punchline: Would it be possible to set up the part requests (made from work orders) so that you can de-kit & scrap specific materials from a work order AND pick/issue new inventory parts all from the same part request? That would likely cut administrative activities for scrap in half and would tighten up material control.

Thanks for the consideration


Hey @Aleksandar,
We emailed you about this one as well.

Great, thanks