Sub Work Order Not Updating


I have an issue in creating sub work orders for a part. There are 2 sub parts in an assembly and when I try to create sub work order from the order editing, it is only creating sub wo for 1 item and not the other. Instead it is automatically creating a PQuote for 2nd item.

Could you let me know the reason for that?


Hey Shyam,

It’s possible that in order to build that sub workorder it’s requesting you place a PQuote to purchase additional material to fill the need for that sub work order. I’m going to look into this and see what’s causing the system to force that PQuote in place of generating that sub work order.

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know this is happening within your environment! Could you provide the specific work order you’re trying to create those sub work orders on? If I can get that specific order number I’ll use it to try and reproduce the issue you’re having.

Once I get that order number I’ll get started testing this out for you! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with an update on what I find is causing that PQuote to be generated.

Thanks Shyam!