Supplier On-Time Delivery

We wondered if there is a way within Cetec to automatically track the on time delivery of purchase orders? We can specify a requested arrival date on a PO, but there’s no way to filter POs by that or even include that information on the main PO page where you can +/- columns.

@jordan.peter There are a couple of reports that reference various dates on the POs. However the most useful for you is probably going to be the PO list.

We do actually show the requested arrival date, but since that may vary by each line you have to switch the list to view by line, and then req arrival date should be an available column in the PO line view report:

Thank you. This should help us for now I believe since we have a small number of POs. We also noticed that under Vendors there is a Vendor Performance tab that we can track received date vs. requested arrival which also helps to give us some of the information we need as long as the requested arrival date is entered.

For reference, per our system we are interested in tracking supplier on time delivery and supplier product/service conformity. If Cetec had any improvements planned those would be two items of interest to us. Thanks for your help.

Thanks Jordan!

That report is the best place to track that for sure. We’re always open to new ideas that may help make the system more useful for everyone. If you have any specific feedback or thoughts on that, let us know and we’d be happy to pass those along to our development team.