Support: Added Bonus Columns in Self Hosted Environment - Can't Save Updates Now

I added some bonus columns to the Customer, Pquote, and Vendor objects. Now, when I try to save updates to records of those entities record the update fails. I’m in a self-hosted environment. Traditionally, support would do some sort of fix to make everything ok. Maybe it was restarting the web services?


@JoshyK You’re correct Josh, any time bonus columns are edited a restart is necessary for those changes to function throughout the system. We just initiated that for you environment, and you should be good to go in a few minutes.
If you have root access to your server you can do the restart yourself. If that’s the case let us know and we can have our engineer get you the appropriate command for this.

Hey Josh,
Engineering grabbed this & ran the restart command for you. You should be good to go.

Awesome Thank you!

can you please email me (or post) the necessary service restart command? I also created new bonus columns and we’re also self hosting.

It’s different for a few resident servers (those installed with k3s, and those installed prior to 2018), but the majority of customers it will be as follows:
It’s very important that you are root / sudo when you do this:

sudo su (enter password if applicable)
systemctl status cetecerp (check that it’s running, if you get a not-found, or inactive, the next command won’t work as you don’t have this method of installation)
systemctl reload cetecerp

to view logs:
journalctl -fu cetecerp
(Ctrl+c to exit)