System Generated Cycle Counts not producing any results in Cetec 4.0

This morning, when trying to generate a cycle count, the system is unable to generate any parts. It tells me that no parts meet my criteria, but y criteria has not changed since I was able to generate this report yesterday. Is this an issue in the new 4.0 version that released in our system today?

Hi @BrockS_PLS,
Thanks for the question! Let us investigate and see if we can determine what might be causing the issue for you.
We’ll get back to you about it as soon as we can.

@BrockS_PLS Would you be able to share with us the criteria with which you’re creating the cycle count?

We’re trying to test and see if we can reproduce the issue in a testing environment with a backup of your data, but we’ve not been able to trigger the same alert you received and were able to create cycle counts without issue.