Tariff charges

I hope I say this right to understand.
I just read the how to, on Tariffs charges, my question, If I buy say 10000pcs of a part number and say the tariff is 75.00 on that, and that part is used on several assemblies and 1000pcs used today, 2500 used tomorrow and 3000 in 4 weeks or so. If the charge is 75.00 how does that get on every order as a tariff without charging 75.00 on each and every order without increasing the price of the component because we do not know what the tariff charge is until the vendor invoices us.

Hi Angie,

I’m looking into this now and will update you!

Cetec ERP Support


Do you receive this material in before you get invoiced? I assume this is the case but this would help us narrow down a path forward!

Cetec ERP Support

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