to change po remit to, ship to address

How do I change our purchase order ship to address and the remit to address for sales orders. I need to change our default as our address will be changing as well as the remit to address.


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I’ll get that information for you and provide a breakdown on how to do both of these requests. I’ll reach out here shortly with that info & breakdown.

Cetec ERP Support


There’s a few things you’re going to need to edit/change in your system for it to take that address change into consideration. I’ve broken down those items below for you!

  1. Changing Company ShipTo Address, Company BillTo Address, Company Address, & Company Remit To Address:

    • Go into your ‘config settings’ page found under the Admin Module >> Config Seting dropdown menu >> Config Settings.

    • Type in Address into the ‘name field’ on your config settings page - you’ll see all related Company Address configs appear. Enter the desired address into the fields you’re needing.

  2. Data Maintenance Table (LNAME):

    • After changing those config setting fields you’ll need to edit the default location you have set on your LNAME data maintenance table found here - /tablemaint/LNAME/edit

    • Once you get into your LNAME data maintenance table scroll down to to the first row of data at the bottom of the table (ID 2). That is currently set as your default location for your Cetec ERP environment, edit the address fields on that row accordingly.

    • If any of the other locations on that LNAME data maintenance table are also going to be relocated to the new address, you’ll also need to edit those rows to match the address you’ve input into your config setting fields.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!
Cetec ERP Support