Tools Needing Maintenance

We’ve setup email notification for “Tools Needing Maintenance”. Couple of questions:

  1. the default pre-alert period is 10 days. Can that be changed to something else, say 30 days? We have to arrange with a 3rd party calibration house to do calibrations which takes longer than 10 days to coordinate.

  2. The “Tools needing maintenance” email looks like a marketing spam email with the very last line of a 3 page email finally stating something useful, eg. “’>Tool 41 (Serial 5800 4186 40-103771-WM), Needs Maintenance On 2022-02-01”. Can the email be configured to only show the useful information or move the useful information to the top of the email?

Thanks @cetecerp13


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Hi @Greg,

Yes, you can definitely adjust the number of days ahead that notification goes out. There’s a config setting called “tool_notify_of_maint_days_ahead” that will control that for you.

Are you using Outlook to view the email? The reason I ask is because we had another user with a similar issue, and it turned out the issue was an outlook setting. There’s an option in outlook to have it render previews for links from emails, and if that option is turned on then it may be that outlook is trying to render those links in the email and creating a problem.

If that’s the case, it may be worth disabling that setting and seeing if the emails load correctly.