Traceability Report

When creating a Traceability Report or viewing the Details/Serials of an invoice, the serial numbers for different items are being combined and the combined numbers are being displayed on each of the serialized items.

Invoice 4227.1-1
Traceability Doc - Line 1 Selected - Show with Sub Components Selected.
Parts 21-19027-038, 21-19028 and 21-15548-002 have their serial numbers combined and all the serial numbers are displayed on each of the items.
The highlighted serial numbers are the correct serial numbers for that item.

Is there a fix for this issue?



I’m sorry you’re running into trouble here Thanks for the screenshots; those are helpful. I’m looking into this and have a question: can you please tell me what you checked/pushed in the header area here?

I know you mentioned “Line 1 Selected - Show with Sub Components Selected” but what else did you have set? I’m hoping to reproduce what you’re seeing.

Thank you!
Cetec ERP Support

Here is the sequence I use

  • Select “Line 1”

  • Select “Show With Sub Components”

  • Select “Download PDF With Comps”

A side note. If after selecting the “Show with Sub Components” you collapse a group by selecting the “+” next to the parent part number. Then select the “Download PDF With Comps” the system will crash.

Here are the columns I have selected.


Any additional information on this? Thanks.