Traceability through RMAs

We are an AS9120B certified company and are required to maintain traceability on the components we sell. We have been using the Receipt Code as an internal lot code, and this has worked fine. However, when parts are returned to us that will be going back into stock, the RMA receipt creates a new receipt code. There doesn’t seem to be a mechanism to link the RMA receipt back to the original receipt it was shipped from.

How are others maintaining traceability in similar situations?

Do you use the original invoice to recreate the RMA? If so, I believe the link from 1 receipt to next is thru the RMA Original invoice/Details_Serials tab, then link to the original work order.

We use lot#s or serial numbers and only original receipts with inventory counts. This way we do not have relabel parts when returned.

medical device manufacturer
NOTE: we have limited BOMs

I had the same thought as Jackie did. If you link the RMA (for the parts being returned to you) to the original invoice (for the parts that were originally shipped to the customer now returning parts to you)… I think that establishes a line of traceability (like @Jackie mentioned).

@gary_beckstedt - any thoughts?