Traceability to top level serial numbers


I am trying to determine how to conduct a traceability audit of a build. My main problem is trying to trace components built back to their PO’s.

Here is the situation:
1: I have a part X that was purchased in two separate lots (so are located in two separate bins in inventory),
2: I then pick one from each lot into a work order of QTY 2 top level Asy Y that is serialized.

3: Upon completion, how do I trace back the component of each Y serial number, back to the respective received lots of part X?

Is there a way to trace which lot of the component X was used in which Serial number of Asy Y?

Thank you!

Hi Paul,

Thank you for reaching out. I’m looking into this and will respond here after gathering information.

Cetec Support

On the invoice screen for the order, in the left hand navigation there is a Details/Serials link, if you click into that and scroll down you’ll find a section for the Component details which contains the original POs you can trace back to.

In the event I am missing part of your question, here is a link that details traceability from the start of a PO through invoicing.

Cetec ERP

Hi, that was very useful! However, I am still interested in the scenario I listed above. Based on that video you linked, it would appear that my part X would need to be serialized for me to use the “Component Piece To Top Level Serial Association” tool in the work order and tie the individual lots to a top level serial number.

Unfortunately it is not practical for us to serialize these lots since we buy them in bulk, and it is common to use up the last on one or two in a bin and kit the balance with the next bin/lot. Does that mean that I have to assume that (in this scenario) all of the top level serial numbers built on a work order, essentially, might have either lot number in their build? Would my traceability document list both? Or would I need to to create a separate work order line item for each serial number and kit separately for each one to ensure separate lot information?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Do you have a url for an order/invoice you are looking at that way I can review the scenario?

Cetec ERP Support Team

I can probably create the scenario in my Beta site, I would have to do some digging to find a relavent invoice. I will see if I can create the scenario and send you the link.


Thanks Paul! I’ll be on the lookout.