Tracking number on packing slip

I read a topic on the forum posted 23 days ago titled “Adjusting info on Packing Slip”. This is helpful and the menu selection to edit the packing slip seems to only be active after the parts have been picked.

Regardless, what I need to know is if there is a way to add the tracking number to the packing slip? We now it shows up on the invoice but not the packing slip. Is it possible to add this column selection?


It is possible to do. The way you would accomplish this is through custom docs. We’ve got some information about that on our site here: Custom Docs And Data Access

A lot of people will have someone in their IT department handle it, as they tend to already have the requisite knowledge to make those changes. However, if nobody at the company feels comfortable making those changes, we can certainly assist you with that. Just send an email to and we’ll put together a quote for you to make the specific changes to the packing slip that you’re looking for.

Understood. Thank you for your reply.

No problem! Definitely let sales know if you decide you’d like us to get this taken care of for you.