Tracking #s on Invoices disappearing

Hi guys,

We are having an issue where the tracking numbers we enter are disappearing on the invoice in the system. We have a printed invoice where the tracking number is on there, but then when looking at the actual invoice in the system, it does not. One example is our invoice 8003.1-8. If you go into the documents on the order and open file PS# 8003.1-8 06.16.2022.pdf, you can see the invoice with the tracking number on it that we scanned in. This is happening all the time now and we aren’t sure why. Let me know what you think.



The fix for this was deployed to your server yesterday. This was an issue multiple customers were having. This shouldn’t be happening anymore. The best course of action would be to uninvoice then re-invoice. You can also add the tracking number manually.


Cetec ERP Support

Great! Thank you! I promise you I searched the forum before I entered it; I just didn’t find anything. Have a great day!!