Un-applying a prepayment

I need to un-apply the prepayment on this order ASAP Cetec ERP How do I do so?

Hi Kali,

You can click into “Prepayments+” and reopen the payment. Zero out any values in the “Applied Value” and click update. A delete button should appear after you do so and you can delete the payment. Note the payment might still show up but the dollar value should disappear on your order.

Let us know if you have specific questions!

Cetec ERP Support

I already tried that but it won’t let me open it because it has been reconciled. I still want record of the payment I just don’t want it attached to this order.



I’m not seeing a reconcile on my end, are you having trouble reopening the deposit? It looks like that is what is preventing you from reopening the prepayment.

Cetec ERP Support

When I try to reopen the deposit it says…Deposit Update Failed Cannot Update, GL Entry Split 685008 is Reconciled on Bank Reconcile 258 at /home/Cetec-ERP/lib/Cetec/Reboot/Schema/Result/Deposit.pm line 161.

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