Unable to search "Deleted" documents as an admin

I have a question regarding “deleted” documents. I have 6 uploads of a document named “invoice-2500.1-1.pdf”. If i delete 1 of these 6 “versions”, i notice that I can’t find that version when using the “deleted” status on the document list report. (…/document/list)

for example, upload #1, has the filepath (…/api/document/8909?download=1).

Once I click on the “Delete” link, I’m no longer able to find this “version” when searching the document list report…Also, the document view still shows the document as “active” instead of “deleted”…but the “Deleted” link is now gone…

I would expect:

  1. the “status” on the screenshot below would show “deleted”.
  2. maybe the the “valid date - to” field be filled out with the date the file was deleted (in this case, today). 3) it would still be searchable if someone filtered the status as “all” or “deleted”


After file is “deleted”:

Search doesn’t display “deleted” file:


Thank you for reaching out to us about this! We apologize but the documents do get removed from the system after the delete is processed. Cetec keeps track of the rolling document storage in your specific environment. So when it deletes the document it removes itself from the document storage effectively removing all traces of the file from the system.

Once a document is deleted there won’t be any way to look it up in the system. You will only see other revisions of it that are active. We are sorry we couldn’t be of more assistance.

is there anyway to create an “obsolete” or “inactive” status then?