Under picked Order


We have order number 8761.1 Line 1, shipped but the parts under the BOM were underpicked and there was no shortage comment to override the invoice. We cannot invoice if parts are underpicked without a shortage comment override. How would this happen?

@jramsey Tough to know for. We don’t keep usage logs going back far enough to try to see what changed/was clicked at the time.

Typically, if you wanted to prevent invoiceing lines that aren’t fully picked, there’s a config setting that you’d have turned on:

In your current setup, it seems like you’d only be getting warnings/alerts at the time of invoicing, but that they wouldn’t prevent the order from being invoiced/shipped.
Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 8.37.30 AM

Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 8.37.50 AM

Is that not the case? What is the normal process that you go through when you try to invoice/ship and underpicked order? Can you talk to the users who processed this order, and see if they recall anything out of the ordinary here?

How do I turn on the setting to prevent invoicing that aren’t fully picked? What figure do I put in the box?

Under Admin > Config Settings > Config Settings search for the config name from the screenshot above.
Then, in the text box enter “1”, and click Set.

A lot of the config settings are binary options where 1=True and 0=False