Uninvoiced order, Unapplied Cash

We were trying to clean up some invoices, and ended up uninvoicing something and now have unapplied cash where that was applied to the original invoice. We originally ended up splitting an invoice, but then the payment wasn’t applied across both invoices. So we uninvoiced to try to recombine those lines and now we seem to have a bit of a mess. We’re not sure what the best way would be to clean this all up now. The invoice in question, 3408.1 is the following,

@jthomas Could you elaborate on what you’re seeing there that looks off to you?
I can see the two invoices that were uninvoiced, and I can see that there was an unapplied cash payment applied towards the remaining open invoice. Without being familiar with all the details there everything seems normal, but maybe there’s something that we’re not seeing because of the way it was prior to this?