Unique Serial Number Series per Part Number


We’re having trouble setting up serial numbers correctly for our business. Our serial numbers are five digits long starting with ‘10000’ and the series is the same for each unique part number that is serialized. For example, P/N 200456 starts with S/N 10000 and increments to 10001, 10002, etc. Similarly another P/N 200692 starts with S/N 10000 and increments the same. This is true whether the part is made in-house or some purchased items where we need to add our own serial numbers.

We’re aware of the part-specific serial number format and the codes used to set these up, but we just can’t seem to get it to work even when we add a code like SERIAL_NUM_200692(5) in the format box.

We also noticed that the format codes include a new one called “PARTSERIAL (incrementing number specific to the prcpart on the Order Line)” that does not appear to have any other documentation anywhere. This sounds sort of what we would like as a default across the whole system, but it still needs to be a 5 digit number starting with 10000 for each P/N that is serialized.

We could really use some help as we’re well into production and haven’t managed to get this working in a predictable manner yet.


Could you give some links and examples of what exactly isn’t working? From what I can tell the issue is that your serials aren’t numbering correctly? Do you have the unique serials config setting on? Any specific parts or orders that you can show me that aren’t working? Any more info you can give me would be helpful!


Cetec ERP Support