Update Tech Description - BOM Worksheet

Is there an ability to update / add tech description from BOM Worksheet/upload?

Per a forum post made in October 2021, there was no feature available but Cetec’s reply was that there will a feature introduced in the future.

When will this feature be made available? I know there is the “update_tech_description_bom_wksht” config setting… what is the use of this property if we cannot utilize it? How does it work?


As a workaround to this, I first had the new parts created by uploading without tech description. Then using the import tool, I imported the Tech Description into each prcpart record. Upon doing this, the Description gets deleted and the Tech Description is imported into the correct field. Upon trying to re-import the description, Tech Description gets deleted. The only solution is to import prcpart, description and tech description at once to correct this.

I believe this is a bug. Please let me know - thanks


Apologies for the delay on this. I wanted to clarify where you are importing. You said at first you were importing using the BOM worksheet upload which would be on a quote. But it was hard to tell from your second message if you had switched to the Admin> APIs and More> Data import screen.

Could you clarify that?


Cetec ERP Support


To clarify, I was first trying to import from the BOM Worksheet upload (from quote/part screen).

As mentioned, as the BOM Worksheet upload screen did not have the ability to pull in Tech Descriptions, I used workaround of the Data Import (part) upload screen. So first I used the BOM Worksheet upload screen (imports all info aside from Tech Description), then I imported the same parts using the Data Import (part) screen with only two datapoints per row - prcpart and Tech Description. Upon doing this, all of the parts get the Tech Description imported into the correct field, but that deletes the Description of the part (that was imported through BOM Upload).

This led to my question about the config setting “update_tech_description_bom_wksht”. How can I avoid using the data import at all and just allow the tech description to be pulled in via BOM Worksheet upload module? There does not seem to be an option for Tech Description even if I enable that config setting.

Please advise, hope the clarification helps.


It looks like that config setting doesn’t affect the BOM worksheet import at all. We don’t currently have the functionality to pull Tech Descriptions to the quote through that import. I am happy to reach out to product management and see if this is in the pipeline for the future or get a quote for you.


Cetec ERP Support