Upload an Excel Parts Spreadsheet for a particular PRC

Hi Team,

First off great ERPalozza event. Great meeting you all and learned a ton! Probably should have asked this while I was there but looking at how to upload an Excel Spreadsheet to a PRC with a price book. Didn’t see anything when searching help or on this blog. Please let me know as we have three to upload. I tried to attach just one but unable. Hopeful to learn how to do on my own.

Thank you all!


Hello Kris,

Cetec does allow you to upload an excel spreadsheet to a PRC with a price book. Navigate to the Parts module → Pricing Maintenance → Pricing / Costing page you can upload that price book via the import function into Cetec. If you check the ‘Show Multiple Price Breaks Example’ this will show you an example of how that import will look for reference.

I hope this information helped! If you’ve got any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

Cetec ERP Support

Thank you. Is there a way to upload a similar excel document to create a large list of part numbers and descriptions?