User ID to use for PDF/Table settings (determines columns to show on pdf)

Trying to setup Notifications for clients to automatically receive a statement of account on a 30 day basis. When I set it up I see the message, “Note: PDF Settings Are Pulled From The User Specified By The Config Value ‘Default User ID’ Which Is Not Currently Set!” Link here: Cetec ERP

When I go to the Config Settings I’m unsure what to put in this space. Can you please let me know what I should put here to provide the correct PDF settings?

Thank you,


Kris -

The value you would put in that config setting is the numeric user ID for the user’s settings you want to use for those PDFs that are sent. Since every user can change what values show on the PDF, you need to select a user who has those values that you want displayed on your customer’s statements. In our case, we use our Shipping and Receiving department manager.


@robinl is correct, you’ll put the user ID of the user who’s column selections will show up in system generated notifiers.

Column selections are stored per user in the system, so depending on the columns selected under ±Columns on the customer statement each user may see slightly different data reported. You’ll have to designate a user who’s column selections will be the ones the customer sees in the automated notifier email.