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We like to create users for calibration, maintenance and validation. These user need access only to the tools module. Currently when we make these user, it gives them wide access of production and a lot of other information that they do not need.

Is there a simple way to create users who only require tools access?

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Hey Asad,

There is a way to create a customer user role that denies access to whatever those users don’t need via access control. First thing you’ll want to do is assign the production role to the user. Then use access control to restrict access to everything except for the tools modules.

To create that custom role you go through Admin > Maintenance > Data Maintenance and scroll down to the data type Role. Click on it, scroll down and click Add Record (this will be your new role you assign to users when you create them in addition to the production role).

Once the custom role has been created navigate to the access control page (admin > users > access control) and type in the controller you want to restrict. To restrict the Order > List page you’d type in the controller & scroll down to the role you created (I used Tool Maintenance as the role) and changed the option to deny.

I’ve included a link to our guide on how to restrict access control which breaks down the process for you.

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Thankyou for your help. This worked very well.