User Roles--PO and PQUOTE Listings

I have a user who has the following roles assigned: Manager, Supervisor, and Warehouse. However, on the purchasing tab there is no PQUOTES item and there is a POS item but no item in any dropdown. She can view POS if she navigates through a vendor or part listing, but she is unable to simply go to PQUOTES > LIST or POS > PURCHASE ORDERS and generate the list to find things. So, she can manage to get to the information but cannot get to the listings.

I can’t seem to figure out what roles or permissions need to be added above the current ones to get these menus back. I could use some help so that she doesn’t have to spend time hunting around every time for things.

Hi @aeromorrison
Either the AllPQuotes role or the Purchasing role should let that user see those lists under the Purchasing tab.

We have an overview of those, and some of the other basic Cetec roles here: User Roles & Restrictions

Let us know if you need anything else!

Thank you! This did the trick, I believe.

I appreciate your help.

Youre welcome!