Using APIs to upload documents

We’re creating custom “external Python scripts” to perform post processing on image files that we’re storing in CETEC. I just want to make sure it’d be possible via API’s to programmatically upload the processed file back to CETEC. We would hope that it could be uploaded as a new ‘rev’ of the file as it would have the same filename.

Hey @regisphilbin,
It is definitely possible. Check out [your cetec url]/apioverview/document

Specifically, the “DOCUMENT PUT (UPLOAD)” section notes:

  • name - the name that you want the document to have. This is how documents are grouped and revisioned. Any documents given the same name for the same object_type and object_id will be revisions. If you upload a document with the same name as an existing document for the same object, it will automatically treat the new document as the newest revison of that name. If this parameter is not set, then the filename will be used as the name.