Using the Forecast Module

Hello we just discovered the Forecasts area in Sales thanks to another post in this forum. Could I get some more information on how to use it? I haven’t been able to find a tutorial video or instruction. A few specific questions below:

  • How do the forecasts integrate with Work Order Creation? Is there a way to quickly create them based on the forecast?
  • What is the difference between setting the transcode to Build or Stock?
  • What does Recursive BOM mean and what happens when this box is checked?
  • In the summary page, what is Available Components and Total Components?
  • What is Material Deficit?
  • Can we log what forecast number a work order is related to?


The main purpose of forecasts is to drive future material demand without having to commit an actual order in to the system. What is a "forecast" in Cetec and how does it affect MRP?
Forecasts aren’t directly related to work orders at all. However, from the MRP page you can create build orders based on forecast demand.

The transcode setting determines what type of demand it will create. Build means you’re planning to build a finished assembly, and will need all the components/materials to do so. Stock means you’re expecting to sell the product as a finished good that has already been previously built and received in to inventory.

The recursive bom checkbox will add the components from the permanent BOM record to the list of components for the forecast, similar to an order tempbom but specific to the forecast. This will let the system show demand for the individual components necessary to complete the forecasted build.

The Total Components column shows the qty need of the components, and Available Components is the current qty available that could be used towards fulfilling the demand right now.

Material deficit is the delta between Total Material Cost and Cost Of Available Material. In other words, how much it will cost to get the remainder of the materials needed.

Hopefully those provide some clarity for you, et us know if you have additional questions.