Vendor/AP Payment

Is there a way to create a check for a PO before closing out the PO and creating a voucher?

Our normal process is to receive the items on the PO, create a voucher, create an AP Payment and then print the check that was created on the AP payment so the PO is attached through the entire process.

However, every once in a while we have to pay the vendor before we receive the items on the PO. The only way I have found to write a check in this case is to write it through the Check Register, but in doing that the check is not linked to a PO/Voucher. So is there a way to apply a check from the Check Register to a PO/Voucher after the fact? Or is there some way to write a check that is linked to the PO before making a voucher or AP payment?

Hi Kali, welcome to the forums!

The link below outlines a couple fo different ways to accomplish what is sounds like you’re trying to do.
The first would be to create the voucher/check, and then a debit memo for that vendor. The other would be to create the voucher initially, pay it, and then create a net-zero voucher one the purchase is received.

How To Process Upfront Payments & Prepayments To Vendors

Hope that helps!