Vendor Commissions Report

Is there a detailed report that can be ran on all Open Orders showing the commissions assigned to the order and the amount?

Hi @jennb, I think the best place to look would be the Order Commission Breakdown under Sales > Orders > Order Commissions.

Hope that helps!

I did run this report but it is not what I am needing.
I need a report that shows all open orders with the commissions tied to them and to include how much commission. ex: Customer 123 has an order of 500 pieces of Part number ABC. The Vendor is XXX, the commission is 5% and total amount is $150.00.
The report you suggested does not provide the information needed.

Thanks for sending those additional details. We’ll take this to our product team for consideration to be added in to the app.

In the meantime, you might be able to do some spreadsheet work using the order list and the order commission breakdown report to combine the two and summarize the data in the way you’re looking for it. You might even be able to automate the data pull using data linking: Web-Based ERP Can Automate Spreadsheet Updates With Excel Web Source Data Linking

@jennb Wanted to let you know that we heard back from our product team.

They’re going to add your suggestion to the list for possible future development (no guarantees/timeline). They did send a 10hr fixed bid, if it is a crucial enough feature for you to merit that cost. If you want to move forward on it, email and they’ll help set everything up and get that to our engineers.