Vendor Return

Good afternoon,
Please send a suggestion as to how to complete my Vendor Return when an Error like the one below appears for no reason?

**Error:**Vendor Return Update Failed: Return qty greater than shelf qty! Parts may be picked on an order. at lib/Cetec/Reboot/Web/Controller/ line 119.

I say ‘for no reason’ because the return quantity is the same as the shelf qty and parts are not picked on an order.

Any suggestions?

@MHunter We’d be happy to take a look at this for you. Can you send us the part number for the part that’s giving you problems?

Part ELMWM-29-SC-PK on Vendor Return 255 and Part ELMWM-30-SC-PK on Vendor Return 256.
Thank you,

Hmm, that is really strange. Not 100% sure what was prompting the error, I suspect it might be a caching issue. We were able to resolve it in our test environment with a copy of your data by just clicking update on the vendor return (without changing anything) and then we were able to return the parts.

We went ahead and clicked update on those two in your environment, so hopefully you should be able to complete those returns now. If not, let us know!

We are good to go for both items. Thank you for the assistance.