Voucher Import

I am attempting to upload a number of invoices using the A/P>Import Voucher function. The vouchers get created and show up on the list of vouchers but do not show up in the GL accounts. Also, the individual vouchers do not show the vendor name.

Below is a screenshot from the voucher list. As can be seen, no details show up on the list

This is a screenshot from the upload Excel file. What am I doing wrong?

Any updates on this?

Hi Dennis @DennisG01,

I took a quick look at your post here; I was going to use the voucher import tool to pull in a handful of open invoices from our old ERP but I actually ended up just re-creating them through Cetec in a clean format to reflect this. I found this to be easier in my situation as I wanted to make sure I understood the manual process and did not take me long.

For your situation, I do not notice a formatted Vendor External Key in your import. For the same vendor this external key must be the same (i.e. 123456789 for the same vendor, in your case it looks like all are for AD Incorporated). The external key would also have to be the same for all. It looks like while you have a consistent Vendor Number you are incrementing the External ID by 1 for each line.

Check out the CETEC video tutorial on importing vouchers (How To Import Vouchers in Cetec ERP); I think you will catch the potential mistake you are making in the import process which is why the system may be tripping up and getting confused on who the vendor is; this may also impact GL account mappings too I presume.

Best of luck and hope this helps.