Warehouse Average Cost on Invoices

I noticed that when a part is invoiced it will pull the [Avg Cost ] in the warehouse it is located and not the cost that is in selected bin.

This is showing major discrepancies on invoices

We buy a part at 20qty for $15 a piece and buy it again 2000qty for $5 piece.

On the invoice if we sold the 2000 pieces for $6 the cost carried over is averaged to $10 because the 20qty.
This shows us having a net loss of $4 per piece on said invoice.

Is there a way to have it only pull cost from the bin the inventory is being pulled from?


This is set on a per instance value - it can be switched by Cetec ERP if you all want. Note that this would change your companies operation from Average Cost to FIFO Cost, a change which I believe has some Tax Implications and IRS Restrictions (I think that the IRS only allows this change 3 times in the life of a company?). In any case, definitely something to discuss with management/ownership.

If you all decide to proceed, please let us know!

Cetec ERP