Warehouse Transfer Malfunction

Hi Cetec,
When I go to do a warehouse transfer. I get an error code saying that my part record no longer exists and that it instead the same part record but all caps.

When I go to my inventory record, it shows that it is picked to the order.

When I look at the warehouse transfer order, it shows as unavailable to pick.

Can you please look into this?

Hi Spencer,

Apologies for the wonky behavior here. I see the order is now closed/invoiced.

Did you work through this ok?



I am able to do a workaround by unpicking the line from the Part Record (I can’t unpick from the actual WH Transfer Order) and then picking it on the WH Transfer order and then closing/invoicing.

It is a workaround that at most takes me an extra 3 minutes but it really slows me down having to do this multiple times.

If I have to do 10 WH transfers that’s an extra half an hour to go through and fix this malfunction.

Hi Spencer,

Does this happen on every WH Transfer? Is it just for specific parts? If this is a recurring problem, we absolutely need to fix this for you.

Thank you!

This happens at least 70% of the time with all parts and is recurring.

There is no pattern that I’ve noticed to it.

Sometimes it works just fine but most times I get this error.


Have you investigated this further?


I am getting a little concerned being that I am running into a lot of malfunctions on your platform and am getting ghosted in this forum for weeks at a time with no response on multiple tickets. I understand I have been posting more issue tickets lately but that wouldn’t be happening if I wasn’t running into these errors on your platform

Hi Spencer,

Apologies for the delay on this one. We’ve been scratching our head on this one. Since we don’t have a consistent means to test (to get the result every time), it takes a while to try new methods to consistently get the error message.

I think we’ve got something. Do you ever ‘uninvoice’ your warehouse transfers? I’m testing with these steps:
Create WH Transfer Order
Pick Parts
Complete/Receive Again
error message occurs

Is this similar to your process?

Thanks again for your patience!

Hello Spencer,

Thank you for your patience with us on this issue. We believe there are a few things that are in play here.

  1. This part was created with Lower Case characters prior to the ‘Quote Partnum Force Upper Case’ config setting was set.
  2. Now that the ‘Quote Partnum Force Upper Case’ config is on any time this is being added to a quote/order it will require the partnumber to be different from what the part record is set to. (This is where the error with the warehouse transfers is coming in.)

After discussing this with our engineering department they would recommend not using the ‘Quote Partnum Force Upper Case’ config if you plan to have any prcparts with Lower Case Characters as this would cause conflicts in a few areas with that config active.

So what you can do to prevent this from happening for this part you can go into the config setting and turn off the ‘Quote Partnum Force Upper Case’ by putting a value of (0). Then you will want to go to the part record, click on ‘Maint+’, then click on “Merge”. This will take you here Cetec ERP

Here you should be able to merge this into a temporary part number “FINKRAKEN-TEMP”. Then go into that part record under the Merge link on the left hand navigation. Then merge back into the Upper Case characters of the original prcpart number “FINKRAKEN-QUAD 21 POWERED SUBWOOFER”.
This will then merge the parts and data from this prcpart into the all Upper Case prcpart. When you get it merged into the final prcpart you will then want to turn back on the config setting ‘Quote Partnum Force Upport Case’ then it should resolve the issue you are seeing when doing warehouse transfers with this prcpart.

Let us know if you have any questions or issues with resolving this if there is several part numbers you are experiencing this issue with.

Best Regards,