Waterfall Qty Need and Order Qty Need not matching

We have a wire [ALP6718-RED] used on order 6676.1-1. The original qty per was 2.17 (so the order of 12 called for 26.04). Production ended up scrapping the wire on the order and requested 26.04 more (on Part Request #4061). These were pulled for the order and the net qty need and qty picked reflects this at 52.08. If you look at the inventory record for the wire it also shows 52.08 Picked on [6676.1 Line:1]. However if you look at the waterfall for the wire it shows Qty Need for the order at 78.12 EA and the picked Qty is 52.08.

@robinl It looks like, somewhere in the process, the qty/top for that part on the order was doubled from 2.17 to 4.34. What we’d expect to see normally would be the pick screen show the qty need/picked as 26.04 (how much you need to pick to the order to complete it currently), and the waterfall to be showing 52.08 (total qty needed for the order including scrap).

Let us continue investigating this a bit and see if we can figure out what happened, and how to best go about correcting it.


We are expecting to have a fix out for this by the end of the week. The waterfall was double counting that part request which lead to the 78.12 you were seeing instead of the correct 52.08.