We've created a Vendor Return, but can't create a receiving PO

Hi, We received parts from our vendor that were not done correctly so we’re sending them back. I’ve created a Vendor Return for this. We’re scrapping the parts and the vendor is replacing them at no cost so I need to find out how to create a receiving PO for the parts we’ll receive. How do I do this? Will this be attached to the Vendor Return or can it be?

I’ve also created an NCR for the units we received that were manufactured incorrectly. Does this only attach to the SUB number under Quality>NCRs, or what’s the best way to utilize this feature. Can it notify the parties involved or what’s the power of creating the NCR?

Hey Dale,

I’ve been able to locate some information regarding NCR’s and any potential questions you might have, the link is included below:


In regards to the receiving PO part of your request - there is an option when creating the Vendor Return to also create a debit memo within that vendor return. Technically you’re not purchasing the parts the vendor is going to send back to you at no cost there isn’t a receiving PO.

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Thanks for your reply. I’d read through the link you provided yesterday and the questions I’d had were ones that the link doesn’t answer. I’d created the Vendor Return and the Debit Memo within it. It would be nice to be able to issue a receiving PO that I could attach to the Vendor Return so they’re linked instead of just knowing that I need to go through and close the return once I’ve received the replacement items whether there’s a cost or not; just a thought.

So say there was a cost for the correct items, could I create a receiving PO that’s tied to either the Vendor Return or the NCR or is that option just not possible?

Lets say it’s not possible; would it tie them together if I got a PO number for the parts we receive back and enter the PO to either the Vendor Return or the NCR?


I’ve gone through our testing environment to see if I could find a couple options for you that could give you the ability to do what you’re requesting. The Vendor Return that you created has the ability to add comments to it, you could potentially copy/paste the URL of the PO for the parts you receive into that for referencing.

There is also a comment box within the Vendor Return form that you can input information into to reference down the road when needed.

As far as the ability to issue a receiving PO and attach it to a Vendor Return I don’t believe is a possibility. It’s a great idea and will relay that to the engineering team for consideration.

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Thank you for these ideas! I will workshop this in the beta environment and see how this could work for us and give it some thought as I create our procedure documentation and workflow. I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I deep dive further into this :smile:


Awesome - please try those work arounds I provided above your comment and let me know how those work for you! If you’ve got anymore questions please feel free to reach out to us via here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reaching out to us!

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I’m working through the same problem right now. From the Vendor return, is the return packing slip suppose to come from the Vendor Return page (/vendorreturn/8/edit) or from the Return parts Order (/order/AE4923.1/view)

Am I suppose to pick the parts (to be returned) on 4923.1 and ship back to vendor on this order? If so, Why does the ship to and bill to reference our internal company info (by default)? I changed it but i would assume it would be returned with the vendor shipping and billing info…

OK. so we’re noticing that the Parts aren’t removed from our inventory when I “invoice” the return parts order 4923.1. I’m assuming we’re shipping the RMA parts back to the vendor on this order.?

Hi, Regis,

The return packing slip can be printed from the Vendor Return page (click the Packing Slip link on the left side of the screen).

It looks like there is a picking issue because the part you were returning has multiple pieces. We’re having the engineering team look this over for the future. But for now, after putting the vendor return through, on the order screen, you’ll need to go to the bottom of the screen and manually pick the parts. Then you should be able to finalize the order by invoicing it.

Hope that gives you a way forward. For the future, we will work to improve these screens.

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