when can you have this done? (quoted)

During the quoting process, we would like to be able to estimate when the order could be completed on the shop floor based on load/demand. Is this possible? What does that require?

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Hey Elijah,

Let me dig through our documentation to see if we have any processes related to this request. I have a few questions to try and pinpoint what I’d be checking into:

  • Would this ‘estimate’ that you’re looking for on the quoting process be the order completion date you’re wanting to see?

  • Do y’all currently use the scheduling features within Cetec? Have you set up capacity for your work locations to help present what your capacity would look across your environment?

  • What specifically are you wanting to estimate on the quoting process in relation to the order? If you could provide details around what you’re trying to estimate I can begin to focus on the specific documentation/processes you’re looking for!

Cetec ERP Support

Hey Elijah,

I’ve got an update on your question here and have listed out the answer below:

  • What you’re going to be using is the ‘Build Estimate’ feature that can be found on the part record (Click BOM Data+, then ‘Build Estimate’).

  • The build estimate provides a work start & work finish date (this is an estimate). There is a blue hovertip icon next to Work Start Date that provides additional information on that value.

You’ll be using the build estimate report alongside your Production Scheduling Gantt Chart to confirm your shop floor has the capability to complete that order in that allotted time frame provided by the build estimate report. The build estimate gives a rough production lead time based on work start date.

You can also create a ‘dummy’ order - schedule forwards from the work start date that the build estimate gives you, plug that into your quote as the ship date, and delete the dummy order.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.
Cetec ERP Support

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