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We are configuring work instructions. So far we have seen multiple ways to configure work instructions/inspections.

  1. We can fill the labor plan, add operations and say we require sign. This way the production guy has to put his response on the main workorder page. If he writes his response here, we can not print or convert to pdf and share with anyone. If any product fails, NCR is not created.
  2. We can fill the work instruction portion and add production, in-process and final inspection work instructions and their locations. This way, the production guy fills the work instructions and ignores the work instruction portion on the workorder page. Work instructions are printable and can be shared with customer. If any product fails, NCR is not created.
  3. We can fill the inspection instruction portion and do in-process and final inspection. This way the production guy will have to perform inspection through the inspection screen. Work instructions are missing here and this data is something that we cannot convert to pdf and share with the customer. If any product fails, NCR is created.

We like to know, why are there so many ways? Are work instruction/inspections configured based on different scenarios?
Our goal is to track time, location, outsource POs, production guy comments after every step, multiple in-process inspection, final inspection, NCR creation at the time of any failure, when required share results with customer in pdf. How should we configure our work instruction portion?

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Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can to help you figure out how best to set up the work instructions/inspections to meet your company needs.

Cetec ERP Support


In talking to our engineering team, it sounds like they are aware of this bug. When the config setting “create_ncr_from_failed_inspection” is turned on and an inspection has a ‘Rejected Qty’ it should automatically create an NCR and attach it to the Inspection Report. However, as you’ve seen, the NCRs are not being automatically created.

There is an update coming around November 1 across all of the software that will include a fix for that issue. I apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. In the meantime, the NCRs will need to be created manually.

Let us know if you any further help on this.

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