Work List Locations

Take for example this order 4611.1-1 on our Cetec instance. This is a job that will go through our “SMT” process (which is an Ordline as Build Order 5 in Data Maintenance). On the respective Labor Plan and Work List it shows “SMT”. At this point when the order reaches this stage, I would want the operator to be able to scan into SMT Line 1, SMT Line 2, or SMT Line 3 which are all also Build Order 5 as Ordlines in Data Maintenance. However, this does not work as they are not on the labor plan. It shows a red bar across the screen.

The reason we have “SMT” on the labor plan is because at the time of creating the labor plan, we do not know what line it will be assigned to. At that time we print out the labor plan and it goes out to the floor for the first step (receiving/kitting).

How can I make it so our production only users can scan into SMT Line 1, 2, or 3 at that point? Currently all of our ordline location groups pertaining to production are “SHOP”. As per my understanding you cannot scan out of a location group as a production only user. Could I set a different location group for SMT so that once the location is changed to SMT, then they can scan into one of the lines? Let me know how I should set that up.