Work Order - Blanket email notification setting possible?

CETEC has a nice feature that allows email notification rules to be set when a work order is moved to a specified location. ( WO>MAINT/ETC>NOTIFICATIONS)

Is anyone aware of a config or other setting that would enable a notification, for example, every time an order is released to production?


@Aleksandar One thing that may work here for you is the use of nag alerts in your workflow stages.

Here’s how you would edit the workflow to access those alerts: How To Make Custom Workflows

And the the “NAG NOTIFIERS & ESCALATIONS” section of this page will give you a bit more information about the notifiers themselves: Workflow & Collaboration

You should be able to set a nag alert with a 0min time frame and that would accomplish what you’re looking for.

Thanks, we don’t use workflow stages for work orders but rather move them from one location to another. The nag feature looks quite useful though, we may look at using it for ECO and NCR workflows.

Thank you!

Thanks for clarifying! I was thinking workflow state, not workflow location, my apologies.

There’s not anything that I know if in the system that would do this, but what you could do is create a group email address in your email client that will notify multiple people when it receives an email, and then enter the group email address to the notification box there. There is a dropdown list of users that are in the system, but you can definitely enter any other valid email address and it will also receive the notification emails.