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Our workcenters were not setup correctly, and would like to correct it. Our business has three primary production lines: a machine shop, assembly, and electrical assembly. These could be subdivided to some extent if that proves useful.

Focusing on the machine shop, we have 8 machines available. I believe these should be entered as work locations? (They are currently added as production lines).

Once the production lines and work locations are set properly, does the scheduling occur based on the timings in the labor plans?

Any information you can provide will be helpful. We have don’t have good data on timings for our parts/assemblies, and if the system could help us collect it that would be useful.


For your first question about your 8 machines there are two options if all of those machines do the same thing.

The first option is for you to create one work location for all of the machines. Since the machines do the same thing they can all be put under one location. You can then set the capacity to be the total amount of time those machines can be used. This allows you to keep all the capacity in one place.

The second option is to create separate work locations for each machine. You can then set the capacity for each machine. This allows you to add the different machines to labor plans and see which machine an order is at.

Scheduling does occur based on the labor plan but it does take into account a lot of other info. Here’s documentation we have on scheduling and production. Scheduling Production Scheduling Planning and Scheduling How To Use The Production Scheduling System Schedule Modes Feature Spotlight: Buffer Scheduling

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