Workcenter Production Lines for Re-Work Orders in RMA

When creating a re-work order from an RMA, I need to syphon off those specific build orders to a separate production line so I can display a report to our service team of what orders they need to work on.
As it is so far, there is no way that I have found under config settings to set a default-production line for re-work orders from an RMA.

Is there any way that I can auto-populate the production line field on the re-work lines to my “Service” production line without having to manually adjust the line every time?


I’m not sure we currently have a way to do this. Let us check in to that, and if not we can at least offer it as a suggestion to our development team.

Confirmed that this is not currently possible, but it has been passed along for consideration for future development.

Cetec ERP Support

Just a bit of feedback; the lack of user controllable conditional programability is something that I’ve noticed across the platform that I feel is pretty limiting. As a customer, implementer and enthusiastic user of CETEC, this would be something that I would be so excited about that would make your platform even more robust and competitive against other competitor ERPs.
I’m not sure what it would look like but I find myself constantly limited by the lack of customization capacity the platform contains to be able to provide the functionality my company needs. It would be extremely helpful to be able to have conditional config settings or something along those lines that correlate to bonus columns.

@spencer - thank you for this feedback!

Flexibility and customizability (i.e. “configurability”) in ERP is a core value for us, so we are on the same page as you.

We have a current roadmap of additional features and configurations to be built into Cetec ERP; however there are literally thousands of these we have in the queue.

If you would like to explore pushing your feature request up to the top of that queue, we offer bids for that development. Just ask for an estimate, and our sales team will provide one for you. Additionally, we develop these features in a way so that they are built in for configurable use directly into the platform; the more we do that, the closer we approximate the vision you described above for greater user controllable conditional programmability (what we call “configurability and flexibility”).

Thanks again for this feedback, cheers!