Workflow changed? Sales Quote to Sales Order

I’m curious if anything changed with the workflow of the quoting to sales order approval process.

I believe in the past versions, the quote would be created, but would need the workflow to be “Approved” prior to user being able to click on the “commit order” link to create an order.

Now, it seems as if any one can “commit order”, whether it be in “Sales editing” or “price check” or …

Also, I don’t see the “Approved” option in the routing until AFTER the Sale order is created…

Am I missing something here?


Did you recently update/add those custom workflow states to the quotes? Typically that would cause the default workflow to get overwritten, including any approval states.

There is a setting you can change to require approval before quotes can be converted, "Quote - Require Approval Workflow State ", but as above any custom workflow will overwrite that approval state and render it moot.

I believe i’m using the default workflow for quotes.
Also, I checked the configuration of the “Quote - Require Approval Workflow state” and the value field is “empty” and hasn’t been updated since initial implementation. I’m assuming “Empty” is default? If I set it to “1”, that means approval is required prior to quote being committed to sales order?

You have added some stages, but it appears that the ones that are there have been there for a while.

If you have no entries for quotes on the workflow stages data maintenance table, then “Pending Approval” “Review” “Deleted” and “Approved” show as available stages. But like I said, the entries you have there don’t seem to have changed recently.

And since that config also hasn’t recently changed, the only conclusion we can draw is that there wouldn’t have been an approved stage showing as part of your quote workflow. We’ve confirmed with our engineering team that nothing has changed for quote workflow recently, so what you’re seeing is what would have been in place as far back as the usage logs go at least.