Workflow State: - Adding workflow states to ORDLINE

I added a workflow state on the Ordline Workflow and I’m noticing that “users” or “roles” i select don’t stay selected once I click the “Submit” button. Page is (… /workflow/Ordline/edit)


Thank you for reaching out about this issue! We looked into this and were able to add users and roles while impersonating your user.

Make sure to hold CTRL while clicking to select multiple users/roles to add. Then make sure to use the submit button to save the selectrions.

Can you test this out for us and confirm if you are still unable to select these on your side.

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it works as of today. When I was having issues last week, I was able to make changes to all the other workflow states but just not the “Order fulfilled” state…now all states work as described…

That seems like a bug for sure. It may have been a hiccup and was resolved quickly, however if you do see this again please respond on this thread and we will take a look into why it is recurring.